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Calm Sea


I offer a variety of treatment modalities to meet the needs of my individual clients.  In addition to the below services I work collaboratively with additional providers (e.g. psychiatrists, school psychologists) to enhance treatment outcome.  

Individual Therapy

I offer individual therapy to address personal goals and reduce symptoms currently impacting functioning or quality of life. During our initial sessions we'll work together to establish your goals for treatment, discuss your treatment plan, and evaluate progress throughout. 

Parent Consultation

I work with parents to provide support and guidance in navigating their children and young adult's mental health concerns.  Parenting a child who is struggling can be incredibly stressful.  I have years of experience supporting parents with setting effective limits, decreasing accommodation, and increasing their own resilience and coping. 

Family and Couples Therapy

I work with couples and families to increase communication and understanding, and reduce conflict. By providing a safe space I aim to encourage effective communication and clarify inaccurate interpretations that often maintain patterns of conflict, disconnection or negative emotion.

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